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We’re not just company formation specialists; we’re your architects of success, guiding you through every step with expertise, dedication, and unwavering support.

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Avrio Legal, your trusted partner in the UAE’s vibrant business landscape.
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Your Blueprint To Success

Contract Drafting & Dispute Resolution

From watertight contracts to smooth dispute resolution, we safeguard your interests every step of the way.

Business Formation & Employment Law

We streamline company formation, securing your foundation with swift efficiency.

Tax Planning & Compliance

From VAT optimization to proactive risk management, we help you navigate the intricacies of UAE taxes.

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Legal Matters Made Effortless: Experience the Avrio Advantage

Say goodbye to paperwork puzzles and legal labyrinths. At Avrio Legal, we believe navigating the legal landscape shouldn’t be a stressful odyssey. That’s why we make working with us seamless, efficient, and worry-free.

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We speak plain English, not legalese. Our experts translate complex legalities into clear steps and actionable advice, ensuring you're always informed and empowered.

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No more endless forms or bureaucratic hurdles. We leverage technology and expertise to streamline every interaction, saving you time and keeping you focused on what matters most – your business.

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Our partnership with these esteemed Free Zones goes beyond securing your license. We walk alongside you every step of the way, offering expert guidance on regulations, facilities, and business setup procedures.

Working Proccess

Easily Setup Your Company In The UAE

Step 1

Legal Structure

Our experts will guide to make the best decision while choosing between Free Zone. Mainland and Offshore.

Step 2

Business License

Depending on your business activity, we will apply for a commercial, professional, or industrial license.

Step 3


Our dedicated team will handle the submission of all documents like, passports, and visa seamlessly.

Last Step

Office Space & Visas

We assist with obtaining employee visas and the perfect office space.

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Was a good experience. The team understood my urgency and pushed everything to speed up the process.

Mr.John CEO

Ali was immensely helpful during my medical and biometrics, great asset to the Avrio Legal.

Mr. Ahmad Director

Great company! 🔥 3 days were issued all the documents and put a visa. I flew to the UAE, gave the completed documents and passport

Mr.Nissar CEO

It was a very pleasant experience with Avrio Legal to start my company in the UAE from the start till everything was setup.

Mr.Alex Johan MD
Avrio Legal

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world trust our experts to demystify UAE company formation and unlock their potential.

From a high level, to start a business in Dubai, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Legal Structure: Decide between Free Zone, Mainland, or Offshore company structures.
  • Trade Name: Pick a name compliant with the Department of Economic Development (DED) regulations.
  • Business License: Depending on your activities, apply for a commercial, professional, or industrial license.
  • Documentation: Submit required documents like passport, visa, and a No Objection Certificate (for expats) to the relevant authorities.
  • Office Space: Secure a physical address, essential for registration.
  • Corporate Bank Account: After getting your license, choose a bank that aligns with your business needs and open an account.
  • Visas: If hiring, process employee visas. The number is often determined by office size and license type.
  • Operational Setup: With administrative tasks done, set up operations and embark on your business journey.

Note: Requirements might vary based on your specific new business setup, so make sure you thoroughly research the next steps for your chosen structure.

A mainland business setup in the UAE provides unrestricted access to the UAE market, allowing over 3,000 business activities, unlimited employee visas, and the ability to sponsor family and domestic staff. It’s ideal for businesses targeting the local Dubai mainland market. In contrast, a free zone business setup offers 100% foreign ownership, no personal taxes, unrestricted profit movement, and a simplified setup process. This setup is favored by companies focusing on international markets or seeking specific industry clusters within certain free zones.  Deciding between a Dubai mainland and Dubai free zone setup requires careful consideration of your business goals and needs.  

  1. Business Activities: Dubai mainland offers a wider range of business activities, while free zones often cater to specific sectors or industries
  2. Trading: If your business involves trading directly with the UAE market, a mainland license could be more beneficial. 
  3. Ownership: If 100% foreign ownership is important to you, then a free zone setup would be ideal. 
  4. Expansion Plans: If you plan to scale up your business within the UAE, a mainland setup might offer more flexibility. 

Cost: Setup and operational costs differ between mainland and free zones.

Yes, foreigners can have 100% ownership in certain business setups in Dubai. For instance, in several free zones, foreign investors can have full ownership of their business. Furthermore, recent changes in the UAE’s Commercial Companies Law have made it possible for foreign investors to have 100% ownership of their businesses in many sectors, even outside free zones. However, be aware that certain strategic sectors like banking and telecommunications have some restrictions.

Setting up a business in Dubai involves a few key legal and regulatory steps: 

  1. Identifying your business activities: This is essential as it helps in deciding the type of license you’ll need. Each license allows a maximum of ten activities. 
  2. Choosing the legal structure: The legal structure of your company, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC, will define how your business operates. 
  3. Applying for a trade license: Depending on your business activity, you’ll need to apply for a commercial, professional, or industrial license. Operating without a valid license can lead to heavy penalties. 
  4. Documentation: You’ll need several standard documents like a completed application form, and passport copies of shareholders. Some businesses may also need approvals from certain authorities. 
  5. Registering Ultimate Beneficial Owners: The UAE requires all free zone and mainland operating companies to register their Ultimate Beneficial Owners for transparency and to avoid illegal transactions. 
  6. Opening a corporate bank account: To conduct business in the UAE, you’ll need to open a corporate bank account. 
  7. Immigration and visa processing: After getting your business license, you can start the visa application process for yourself, your employees, and any domestic staff. 
  8. Adhering to naming conventions: The UAE has specific naming conventions for companies. Your chosen company name must not violate these conventions. 
  9. Compliance with local laws: Businesses must ensure they comply with all local laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble, fines, or even jail time. This includes labor laws, environmental regulations, and others about your specific industry. 

Office or physical presence: Depending on the nature of your business and the jurisdiction you choose, you may need to lease an office or warehouse. Considering the many steps and potential complexities involved in setting up a business in Dubai, it can be very beneficial to work with a company formation specialist.

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