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Not Just Another Law Firm

At Avrio, we focus on providing reliable legal solutions to meet your corporate and commercial needs. Our team of expert lawyers extend unparalleled support and guidance to ensure that we are with you, every step of the way.

Expert opinion of several legal subsets 20 years of industry experience Incubation experience to help develop SMEs 24/7 access to legal support

Why choose Avrio?

Based on over two decades of experience within the UAE's legal industry, we offer unprecedented services to our clients. Our team of qualified experts will happily guide you through the complexities associated with local laws and regulations. We prioritize our clients by providing around-the-clock support to ensure a legal safety-net.

Fast & Easy Process


We offer a variety of value-added services which cater to your legal requirements.

Unique & Strategic Location


Our team has accrued a wealth of experience in several legal subsets, including contract drafting, company formations, due diligence procedures, and much more.

Entrepreneurship Made More Accessible


We strongly believe that our services should add value to our clients’ business. Therefore, our commitment is supported by our transparent and flexible pricing structures.


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Are you ready to obtain bespoke legal services?

Where We Excel

We take care of the complex legalities while you focus on what matters most - running your business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Sorting out financial data can be burdensome when you've got a business to run. Our experts can manage your daily accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

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